Bristol Buildings Preservation Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of heritage experts, councillors and aldermen, reflecting the Trust’s close relationship with Bristol City Council. Working alongside the Board are conservation and other professionals.

The Trust is actively developing new opportunities to broaden its work, in particular by supporting others with conservation projects. These may include supporting local neighbourhoods through the Community Right to Buy / Community Asset Transfer process, or working with developers to assist regeneration with valued historic buildings at its heart.

Board of Trustees

Cllr Anthony Negus (Chair)
Alastair Brook (Vice-Chair)
Cllr Peter Abraham
Clr Lesley Alexander
Alderman Steve Comer
Mr Edwin Hill
Mr Steve Morris
Mr Michael Ponsford
Alderman Brian Richards
Alderman Jon Rogers
Alderman Margaret Shovelton
Mrs Anita Sims
Mrs Susan Smith Uncles
Clr Estelle Tincknell

Ashton Park School advisory group
Mr Paul Miller
Ms Emily Piti
Mr Phil Butt

Technical advisory group
Ms Nichola Tasker
Mr Peter Carey
Mr Peter Caird