As one of the most attractive historic cities in the country, Bristol has an unrivalled heritage of outstanding buildings and townscapes. Most are well cared for and well maintained, and have had major investment over the years, ensuring their continuing use and attraction.

A number of unique historic buildings, however, are in a bad state of neglect and disrepair. These need help and support if they are to survive and prosper in the future.  Many of these buildings are identified in the local and national Buildings at Risk Register, which acts as a starting point for the Trust’s involvement.

Founding and mission statement 

Bristol Buildings Preservation Trust was founded in 1981 as a registered charity (charity no. 282196) and limited company (company no. 01549056). The Trust’s mission is ‘To preserve for the benefit of the people of Bristol and the nation at large, whatever of the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that may exist in and around the city of Bristol in the form of buildings of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constructional interest or ancient monuments’.