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Welcome News At last for Saving the Lower Lodge

The project has been given approval by the Heritage Lottery Fund to go ahead with the restoration of the Lower Lodge and its conversion to the Bower Ashton Heritage Gateway Centre. This...

Chandos Road, Cotham. World War I memorial restored

Saddened by the neglected state of this monument and spurred to action by the membership, The Redland & Cotham Amenities Society (RCAS), has undertaken its conservation, in this the...

Memories sought at the church of St. John the Baptist

To coincide with its temporary unveiling, after the  demolition of a neighbouring eight storey office building, the Churches Conservation Trust is inviting Bristol residents to share memories of...

Avonvale School set to be demolished

City Councillors yesterday approved plans to demolish Avonvale Road School in Redfield, a landmark Victorian building. Neither listed nor in a conservation area, the old school nevertheless...

Whiteladies Picture House gets the go-ahead

Planning and Listed Building Consent applications by the owner Medinbrand were yesterday approved by City Councillors, clearing the way for this Grade II Listed Building to be re-opened as a...