Part of the Kings Weston Estate and adjacent to the Brewhouse, hidden in the scrub and trees, were the Vanbrugh structures relating to the architect’s great South Terrace overlooking the Severn Estuary.

The Loggia, Laundry and Banqueting Hall

The Loggia, Laundry and Banqueting Hall

In an increasingly ruinous state their conservation proved an even greater challenge than the Old Brewhouse.

As part of the 1988 report by architects Niall Phillips, commissioned by the Trust, it was proposed to convert the buildings into a single residence, entered through the Loggia. It was also proposed to reinstate the two storeys to the Banqueting Hall and Laundry.

The Trust agreed to the solution and gained planning and listed building consent. A developer could not be found, however, and it was only with the emergence of a local entrepreneur who took on Kingsweston House itself  that this attractive scheme could be realised.

Kings Weston Loggia

The Loggia makes a most imposing entrance

View of the Loggia from below

View of the Loggia from below



The Banqueting Hall
Kings Weston House
Kings Weston Lane
Bristol BS11 0UR

Key facts

Designed by Sir John Vanburgh to relate to the South Terrace

The buildings' ruinous state presented a major challenge